Featured Artist

Kathryn Cater became an Afghan Press Harp Sheet Music Artist around early 2000.  She is a Professional Harpist, Composer, and Teacher in Oregon.

Kathryn has published many collections of fantastic original music and transcriptions for student and professional harpists. It gives her great joy to see students posting their performances of these pieces on youtube.

With Sandy Duffy Norman on flute as “RoseWynde”, she has performed and recorded five CDs. These showcase RoseWynde’s original arrangements and compositions. Much of their work is published by United Music and Media Publishers. Afghan Press also has published some of Cater’s flute and harp works.

Cater has also taught preschool music for 20 years and has a great blog with wonderful teaching ideas. http://sunshinepres.blogspot.com

She has experience managing a doctor’s office, and setting up websites. Her creativity extends to making imaginative and clever youtube videos of her compositions. A visit to her YouTube channel will delight and inspire!  Her music is listed HERE.

Enjoy the harp print music you love by artists like Carol Wood, Kathryn Cater, Kim Robertson and Meg Robinson.