Caccini/Ave Maria

Please read the descriptions, then choose the best version to suit your performance purposes from the dropdown menu. (LEVER, PEDAL - 2 choices) BEAUTIFUL PIECE!

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This is a beautiful and compelling duet for harp and melody instrument. We offer this piece in three versions. Please read the descriptions so that you can choose the best version to suit your performance purposes. In all versions, the melody parts are edited for dynamics, but not phrasing. This is a mature performance piece, so your soloist will easily be able to interpret their own phrasing

See the You Tube performance (scroll down.) It is very artistic and well worth your time to visit and listen, and look at the beautiful pictures. The harp part is 6 pages in length and spiral bound. The melody part is a separate pullout page. A beautiful piece to play in church settings, this evocative melody, believed to be written in the late 1500's, is not familiar as an Ave Maria, thus can be used for all occasions.  Please choose the version you wish to order.


Lever Harp Version: [90828]

For Lever Harp and melody instrument – in the key of B flat, all the way through

C Melody instrument, lever version: in B flat, all the way through

B flat Melody Instrument, lever version: in C all the way through

Your melody instrument can be flute, violin, clarinet, oboe, etc. The lever harp part does not have a key change, and remains in B flat throughout. It is very similar, but not identical, to the pedal harp score. The melody parts to go with the lever harp score also remain in one key. There are several lever changes in this piece, but the arrangement attempts to give ample time to make these changes. Intermediate


Pedal Harp, violin friendly (VF) version: [90829]

Starts in B Flat, modulates to C at m. 41

C Melody Instrument, pedal (VF), Starts in B Flat, modulates to C

B flat Melody Instrument, pedal (VF), Starts in C, modulates to D

The key of Bb to C is a more suitable key for the violin and resonates better than the original version, which starts in the key of Ab. If you want a versatile score that is accessible to strings as well as woodwind melody instruments, the violin friendly B flat to C version is recommended. Upper Intermediate


Original version: 90830

Starts in A flat, modulates to B flat for Pedal Harp

FLUTE "original" version: Starts in A flat, modulates to B flat

CLARINET (B flat) "original" version: Starts in B flat, modulates to C

This is exactly the way the Caccini Ave Maria is performed on Ms. Cater’s CD "A Merry Little Christmas" and on her You Tube recordings. Upper intermediate


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