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This book is worthy of use and enjoyment by lower intermediate players both young and not so young.

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An attempt has been made to keep lever/pedal changes between pieces to a minimum, so that the whole book can be played through, much as you would walk from painting to painting in a gallery. There are no lever/pedal changes within any of these pieces. Options have been given to make these pieces suitable for most harps of 30 strings or more. It is my hope that you will interpret each piece with your own artistic sense. Chords may be straight or rolled as it suits the piece and your playing style."

Titles are:

Dying Tree – presented in both Gm and Am, not difficult but with some 16th note passages and a few flourishing runs. This piece is flowing and linear, and you’ll generally play one note at a time.


Morning River – presented in both Bb and C, page 2 has an important left hand which is supported by 16th notes in the RH. Page 1 is a lovely and slow melody.

Blackberry Winter – although the notes are not hard, the rhythm is challenging, but well worth the effort. Presented in both Gm and Am, this simple and almost lulling melody will stay in your memory.

Garden Psalm – a simple and straightforward hymn-like piece with parallel thirds in a portion of the right hand. Presented in both F and G, rocking back and forth between 2/4 and ¾, solemn and joyful.

Crazy Quilt – presented in both Bb and G, Crazy Quilt is in a foot tapping 6/8 with a neat walking left hand that you will enjoy practicing.

Whoo Cat – presented in Gm and Am, this 6/4 piece is a laid back rhythmic work. Instructions are: cool jazz, never hurried. The notes are easy, and once you get into the groove of the laid back jazzy rhythm, you’ll really enjoy playing this tune.

Skyescraper – presented in both Gm and Am, this piece has a compelling melody that you’ll want to dig into and experiment with different dynamics.

Alone on the Range – in the key of G, this simple melody is sincere and from the heart. It is sometimes carried in the left hand. There are a few syncopated passages giving it a western flavor.

FIRE! – descending and ascending triplets, glissandi and triad chords. Not hard to play, but impressive and fiery.


This book is worthy of use and enjoyment by lower intermediate players both young and not so young. These pieces are not difficult, but have great integrity both rhythmically and melodically. They tell stories and will keep the interest of the player while teaching harpistic techniques. Kathryn Cater is a gifted composer.

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