Melody’s is a sub company of Melody Productions, Inc. which started out as a folk music center for the Houston area. We had jam sessions, and group lessons on all kinds of instruments including Autoharps, hammered dulcimers and recorders. Our main emphasis had always been on harps and harp print music. After several growth spurts which included moves to more spacious buildings and having a good amount of employees, we made the decision to focus on harp print music. We downsized and rebuilt our home to accommodate a business, and we now operate from Cypress, TX in a neighborhood that varies with businesses and homes.

1993 – opened in a small strip center unit
1995 – moved to another larger unit which John built out
1997 – moved to a large building on a busy street
2006 – downsized to our current location

Melody’s is owned and operated by Mary Radspinner and John Gill.  Mary (the website person) has a B.M. in music ed and applied harp from Alverno College, Milwaukee, WI.  She has held positions in various symphony orchestras, large and small, throughout the Midwest and Texas. She freelanced in the Houston area from 1983 – 1994.  She was director of music/organist at St. Therese Catholic church in Milwaukee where she also taught harp and piano for the Milwaukee Public Schools. She’s been the staff pianist for Waller (TX) ISD, and currently she teaches piano for Cy Fair Music and Arts in Cypress, TX.  She is also the founder of “Harp Teachers Gathering” – a community of and for harp teachers, and the Zoom Publishing Group. Mary is also a member of the Irish Fest (Milwaukee) Peace and Justice orchestra.

John Gill wears many hats. He is the store accountant and manages the Afghan Press royalties,  He has built and rebuilt the outside and inside of the various shop locations.  He does the printing of the Afghan Press publications and maintains all the publishing equipment. He answers the phone, ties string knots for customers who ask, and restrings harps. He is a certified Dusty Strings technician, and a superb woodworker.

HOURS: Phone Call Hotline: M-Sat 11-3. Your calls are welcome! 281-890-4500
Emails are checked early morning until late night. Messages are always answered.

Visit the shop by appointment only during the following times: (M – F) 10:30 – 4 (Sat) 10:30 – 2  Additional exceptions made for travelers, etc.
We became very used to “by appointment” during Covid. Now that things are lightening up a little, and also since Reba has retired, we take liberties with our arrival and departure times at the shop. Please do call or email to let us know when you’ll be stopping by.