A Little Lully


ALL HARPS INTERMEDIATE – a unique selection of music: Six Short Pieces From the Operas of Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687) For 4-Octave Lever Harp (C–C) Or Any Pedal Harp

From the arranger: Selections included in this collection were taken from the stage works of Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687) and adapted from his keyboard manuscripts. Lully’s music was highly stylized with many trills and mordents, seemingly “fussy” to the modern ear. I retained the original melodies, most harmonies and much of the voicing. However, in order to adapt them to the harp and make them less cumbersome to play, I eliminated a number of the mordents and trills and retained just enough to maintain the characteristic French “flavor” of the pieces. (Note: I have used the abbreviation “tr” to indicate a trill in addition to Lully’s customary long mordent sign which may be unfamiliar to modern performers.) Some modifications were made to the Lully’s left-hand notes in order to make the pieces appear more “harp like” and facilitate lever changes. (Note: Lever changes are indicated between the staves and pedal changes beneath the bass staff.) Suggested fingerings, dynamics and tempos are provided throughout.

Table of Contents:

1. Marche des Trompettes (From the Opera “Thésée”) 1

2. Le Sacrifice de Mars (From the Opera “Cadmus and Hermione”) 3

3. Descente de Mars (From the Opera “Thésée”) 5

4. Two Rigaudons (From the Pastorale “Acis et Galathée”) 7

5. Menuet di Amadis (From the Opera “Amadis”) 9

6. Menuet en Trio (From the Opera “Roland”) 10

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