A Walk in the Woods


INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Delightful original solos, very creative and clever. Great for all harpists.

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From the author: Having Fun with the Music: Thoughts on Practice and Performance

Barefoot Wanderer: My hope is that this lighthearted piece will inspire some arranging and improvising.

In the Treetop: Feel this in long phrases. We “climb this tree” up to measure 29, and then settle in on the favorite branch, where the breezes blow.

Wildflowers: Students may be tempted to play this too fast too soon. The second page is more difficult and requires attention to fingering (you may choose alternate fingerings to my suggestions).

Salamander: The particular way our slow moving salamanders deliberately place each little foot inspired me to write some connected placement passages.

Fox Trail: It’s all about the rhythm. (ONE two three ONE two three one two)

Improvisation is encouraged. This could be very fun as a harp duet. Get creative!

The Fawns: This piece is about one of those surprise encounters with nature, when you

try so hard not to move or even breathe, not wanting to end the moment. To achieve that breathless quality, I have the performer lightly stopping the live strings in a few places. (roughly beat two)This effect may not be satisfying on some harps and may be omitted. The performer is encouraged to be highly expressive and use rubato as they feel it.

Tango of the Owls: We have a pair of Great Horned Owls in the woods, and they often glide between the trees in long, sweeping arcs. Think of this motion to help you make the glissandi deliberate and graceful. Measures 30-35 is “whoo who whoo”. Play this with dramatic expression. Be a show off! The tango rhythm may also be interpreted as a double dotted quarter – sixteenth note.

Lady Buggedy: Encourage accented boogie rhythm, not speed. (Heavy on beats one and four) This piece should have a good natured rocking feel.

Secret Agent Super Bunny: Must be performed with strong swing rhythm. If you have back up players, have them snap their fingers on the off beats! LH bass lines on second page may be played with thumb. PDLT with second finger. (or place)

TITLES – This goes for all of my student harp compositions.

If a student has a creative idea for altering a title for a specific performance, great! Just please note in the program that the title has been changed for the performance and give the name of the book “A Walk in the Woods” by Kathryn Cater.

If you put a performance video on the internet, please use original titles only, as well as name the book and credit me as the composer. Thank you! I enjoy your performances online.

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