Elles Duet


ALL HARPS LOWER INTERMEDIATE – a very cool composition, meditative in nature. For harp and piano or 2 harps.

For harp and piano or 2 harps.  Beautiful and meditational. Lots of sustained notes in the piano part.  In 4/4, key of G.  The score is 5 pages. The harp part can be played on all harps, there are no accidentals.  There are a few (maybe 4) very low notes (below the C which is 2 octaves below middle C) with parenthesis indicating they are only playable on a harp with that extended low range. Most lever harps stop at the C which is 2 octaves below middle C.  The harp part has a percussive tap on the soundboard on beat 4 of most of the measures.

To hear the music: (when you click on “Elles” below, you will be taken to the “Hear Now” site which is powered by CD baby. You can return to our site by clicking on our tab which will remain visible at the top of your computer screen (likely your URL tabs).

Hear the music on the CD baby site called “Hear Now” – Elles

Weight .12 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × .125 in


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