Harpation (DRR)


INTERMEDIATE (for players with experience in special effects on the harp), ALL HARPS. Three original compositions based on a whole-tone scale for one or more lever or pedal harps (Eb/Bb tuning version and C tuning version included).

Harpation is a trilogy of original solo harp pieces based on a whole-tone scale. It is available in two tuning versions, Eb major and C major, in order to accommodate the most common tunings used by folk harpers. (Harpers who tune in Bb may also use the Eb version.) Pedal harpists may use either tuning, although Eb is recommended for a richer sound.

In addition to being interesting selections for pleasure or performance, these pieces teach students contemporary harp techniques in an enjoyable way. Each piece makes an interesting duet if two harps alternate some measures (or sections) in a kind of echo effect. In addition, an ensemble of harpers or harpists may play the entire trilogy simultaneously.

The total range required to play all pieces (in both keys) is four and one-half octaves, from low C to high G (33 strings). All harmonics are to be played on the string indicated and not “down the octave.” Metronome markings are approximations only. Feel free to use choose your own tempos or re-arrange each selection to your liking.

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × .25 in