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ALL HARPS INTERMEDIATE – Seven Original Compositions In Varied Styles Based On Seven Modal Scales

Seven Original Compositions In Varied Styles Based On Seven Modal Scales For All Harps (Lever or Pedal) With Guitar Chords

Table of Contents
1. Ionian Intonation 1
2. Dorian Delight 3
3. Phrygian Phrolic 5
4. Lydian Lilt 7
5. Mixolydian Mirth 9
6. Aeolian Aire 11
7. Locrian Lament 13

These tunes may be played on lever harps with an Eb, Bb, F, or C tuning or on any pedal harp. All tunes were typeset to fit exactly on two facing pages to eliminate any page turns within a piece. If desired, the length of each piece can be lengthened by repeating some sections; section divisions are indicated by light double bar lines. Many people are unaccustomed to hearing tunes based on modes other than the Ionian or Aeolian. Therefore, you may find some of the melodic contours or harmonies to be unusual, unexpected, or even uncomfortable. There are only three lever changes in this entire book – and they all occur on the last note of the piece. Guitar chords are included so that the melody may be played by any C instrument, accompanied by chords on harp, lute, guitar, or keyboard. Also, the transcribed harp part can be played on any keyboard instrument with only minor

Dynamics, fingering, and metronome markings are provided throughout as an aid to performance. However, the harper should use whatever dynamics, fingerings, and tempos suit them, no matter what this book indicates! The maximum range needed for each piece is only 26 strings (3.5 octaves) from low C to high G. Therefore, it can be played on a small harp encompassing that range. Simply treat the C two octaves below middle C as the lowest C on your harp and adjust the octaves accordingly. Ignore any 8va indications and shorten glissandos as needed.

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