Quiet Stars in Endless Night


INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS   Mary’s writing style is mellow with a slight rhythmic structure. Lovely compositions.  Details below.

Eight satisfying pieces composed for small harps of 23 or more strings ranging from F below middle C up to G, with levers on F, C, and B. Nice clean notation, some fingerings included, easy to play. Mary has a flair for composing music so that both hands work together to produce a cohesive tune, giving the left hand just about equal the activity of the right hand. All these tunes were written over several lovely, spring-like days in a February. Her compositions are generally 2 to 3 pages long with a nice, progressive development without losing the integrity of the melody.

A Beautiful Day, Long Dusty Path, Walking With A Friend, The Kestrel, Little Brown Wren, Dance of the Trees (In the Southerly Breeze), Ripples in the Stream, Quiet Stars in Endless Night (which includes an optional vocal part).

Weight .35 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × .25 in


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