Saxon Songs


INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS + LOW VOICE    This collection has a wealth of information. Included are many notes on Anglo-Saxons, pronunciations & translations, their poetry, and notes for each of the songs. The tunes are broken up into categories.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: The Anglo-Saxons and Their Harp

A Note on the Translations

Anglo-Saxon Poetry

Notes to the Songs

Appendix: Anglo Saxon Pronunciation


Eight Riddles from the Exeter Book:

Drinking Horn



Honey Mead

Fish in River


Fingers and Pen

Reed with Runes

Two Old English Elegies:

The Husband’s Message

Lines from “The Wanderer”

Three Kennings for Harp and Lament for Beowulf



Whale Road

Lament for Beowulf

Three Old English Charms

Against a Dwarf

Charm for an Unfruitful Land

Charm for a Swarm of Bees

The Harpers

From “The Fortunes of Men”

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