Singing Wings


EASY, ALL HARPS Eight original compositions written for the young harp student.

Eight original compositions for the young harp student. These pieces will inspire a wide variety of playing styles and develop musical interpretation skills. Little Moth is very easy yet sounds quick and teaches harmonics. Moon Spinner has a moving left hand with parallel 6ths in right hand. Grasshopper’s Jig teaches accents, is excellent for quick eye-hand coordination and scales, yet is not difficult. Monarch Wings sounds grand and glorious with full double triads, Bumble’s Boogie uses enharmonics for a wonderful buzzing effect and teaches swing rhythm. Golden Swallowtail gives left hand a great opportunity to facilitate grabbing treble clef notes therefore assisting with the melody. Busy Bees is fast, easy and just great fun. Green Dragonfly incorporates PDLT, glissandos, accents, and left hand damping. It would be a wonderful recital piece. EASY, ALL HARPS.

Table of Contents:

Little Moth, Moon Spinner, Grasshopper’s Jig, Monarch Wings, Bumble’s Boogie, Golden Swallowtail, Busy Bees, Green Dragonfly

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × .35 in