Stephen Foster Favorites – Trotter


BEGINNER TO LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  Beautiful arrangements of I Dream of Jeannie and Beautiful Dreamer, and a cute arrangement of Camptown Races. One page each.

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Beautiful Dreamer is one page with a lovely introduction in a high range.  Parallel 6th in right hand, left hand is mostly single notes or easy-ish chords. It is in the key of F. Louse has cleverly done this without lever changes. You will need a full range lever harp or pedal harp, as there are plenty of low Fs and one low C.

 Camptown Races is in the key of C and very basic.  There is a modified Alberti Bass type accompaniment that might be a little tricky for the beginner, but basically this is a pretty easy piece. Still requires low C and quite a few low Gs. No lever changes.

I Dream of Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair may be the most challenging of all.  Full chords, lovely intro, muffling, no lever changes, full range lever harp. Nice and harpistic, very typical of how Louise performed her folk tunes. Active left hand, moving right hand.

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