Ten Carols for Two Bk 3


INTERMEDIATE ALL HARPS + FLUTE (MELODY INSTRUMENT) Ten very well arranged Christmas Tunes. Unusual but familiar melodies for harp and melody instrument with great balance between the instruments.

1. O Come, O Come Emmanuel

2. The Cherry Tree Carol

3. Personent Hodie

4. Wassail Song

5. Ukrainian Bell Carol

6. The Christ Child’s Lullaby

7. The Virgin Mary Had A Baby Boy

8. Sweet Was The Song

9. King Herod And The Cock

10. Sans Day Carol

The Christmas carols used in this publication have been arranged for melody instrument with harp accompaniment (lever or pedal). However, there is quite a bit of interplay between the two instruments as well as some solo sections for each of them. So, this is more than just a melody plus accompaniment book.

Guitar chords are included so that if the transcribed accompaniment sections do not suit the harper or harpist, a chordal accompaniment may be used instead.

The arrangements are presented in an order that facilitates lever changes between pieces so that the entire collection can be played from beginning to end as a “suite” of carols. However, individual selections may be extracted as desired.

If the 8va suggestions are ignored and a few right-hand note octaves are adjusted, this entire book of arrangements can be played on a harp of only 26 strings (3.5 octaves), from low C to high G.

For ease of performance, a separate instrumental part has been provided with this book. However, if both performers prefer to read from the full score simultaneously, permission is granted to make one photocopy of the entire score for use by the instrumentalist.

All tunes were typeset to eliminate any page turns within a piece. Where 1st and 2nd endings are indicated on the harp score, they are only listed above the melody instrument line due to space confines; however, the endings apply to all instruments. All of the tunes used in this collection are at least 100 years old and in the public domain. If any copyrighted melody was inadvertently used, the copyright holder should contact Dragonflower Music immediately so that appropriate acknowledgment is given and standard royalties paid.


Three arrangements in this book were adapted from my solo harp collections of Christmas Classics: Personent Hodie, Ukrainian Bell Carol, and The Christ Child’s Lullaby. So, if you own those collections, you will recognize borrowed sections of these arrangements, albeit in a slightly different guise.

Some of the melodies contained herein are derived from the folk tradition. As a result, there are many different versions of these melodies in current use. I chose to arrange the versions with which I am most familiar.

Arranged For

Flute or Violin

And Harp

(Lever Harp Tuned in Eb, Bb, or F;

Or Any Pedal Harp)

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × .25 in


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