The Clair de Lune Book


ALL HARPS UPPER INTERMEDIATE Arranged For Pedal Harp Solo | Lever Harp Solo | Flute or Violin Solo |(With Accompaniments)

For lever harps tuned in Eb, Bb, or F – or any pedal harp

Table of Contents

1. Pedal Harp Solo

2. Lever Harp Solo

3. Pedal Harp Accompaniment to Instrumental Solo

4. Lever Harp Accompaniment to Instrumental Solo

5. Instrumental Part (Flute or Violin)

Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune from his 1905 piano work Suite Bergamasque, is one of the

most well-known “classical music” works by the general public. It is featured on many “easy

listening” compact discs and has been used as background music for spa treatments,

movies, and television commercials.

Debussy’s original Clair de Lune was written in the key of D-flat. Because this key is not

friendly for lever harpers and is less attractive to instrumentalists of intermediate ability, I

have decided to arrange this work in the key of D major only.

I have endeavored to keep the harmonic integrity and overall “feel” of the original piano

work. However, so that these arrangements are easy to read on the page and will fit

comfortably under the hands, several difficult passages have been simplified. Many tied

notes were eliminated, since the harp would continue to “ring through” the previous note;

elimination of some ties gives a “cleaner” appearance on the printed page.

Rests appearing in the music are solely for the purpose of rhythm, hand separation, and

phrasing. It is not intended for the harpist to damp strings when rests occur. Should

specific damping be required, the performer should use tasteful damping when needed.

Pedal and lever changes are indicated between the staves; lever changes are indicated by

both diamond-shaped note heads and the octave number of the strings. The performer

should use their discretion, as pedaling and levering are highly personal matters.

Dynamic markings, fingerings, metronome markings, 8va indications, instructions, and

flute breath marks are provided.

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × .25 in


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