The Entertainer (DRR)


ALL HARPS SOLO/DUO, INTERMEDIATE.  A timeless piano classic arranged by Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher for two pedal harps, two lever harps, pedal harp solo, and lever harp solo.  Please choose either Digital or Physical Version.

From the arranger:

“Scott Joplin himself often remarked that people played his ragtime pieces too fast.  Therefore, the metronome marking of approximately quarter note equals 54 should be observed as a maximum tempo.  It is essential that rhythmic precision be observed at all times in this ragtime arrangement.

“The Entertainer should be played with a ‘slinky, legato’ feel.  In order to achieve this result, the pedal harpist may find it helpful to use the ‘pedal slide’ technique.  On the pedal harp duet arrangement, most of the difficult pedaling has been eliminated by having the two harps share the chromatic notes.

“On the lever harp parts, a few of the chromatic passages have been modified in order to minimize excessive lever movements.  However, by sharing of lever changes, most of the customary harmonies have been retained.  Feel free to make further adjustments as desired.

“The total range needed to play this arrangement on the lever harp is four and one-third octaves C to E, with a full set of levers available. The lever harp will need to have an open tuning of F, Bb or Eb in order to play the parts without any retuning of strings.

“NOTE: Unfortunately, one pedal harp and one lever harp cannot play their respective parts on the duet and have it work.  Due to the chromatic nature of Joplin’s melody, the voicing needed on each duet arrangement to accommodate both lever and pedal changes is slightly different.  I worked and re-worked the parts but was unable to come up with a single satisfactory “multi-use” duet version.  However, it is possible to adapt the lever harp duet parts only for a pedal-lever harp duo.”

A timeless piano classic put into a wonderful arrangement for two pedal harps, two lever harps, pedal harp solo, and lever harp solo. This book provides great “mileage” for the price.  Lots of play back and forth between players, lots of fun!  29 pgs. INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.

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