The Santa Barbara Suite


LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  Interesting Spanish-flavored melodies.

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Interesting Spanish-flavored melodies. Nights of the Fiesta is eight pages in length, starting out with a short fanfare type introduction and merging into a Spanish motif. It is in the key of E minor and in triple meter. Not difficult to play, but does require good technique. There is a moving left hand, and right hand utilizes parallel thirds and quite a few repeating notes. Part Two of this suite is called The Sunken Gardens. It is in the key of A minor and goes back and forth between three and six in meter. Consisting much of single notes in both hands, some parallel thirds in the right hand and using triplets. Part Three, entitled The Old Mission, is in a meter of six with directions to play forcefully at the beginning and reverently up until the section sounding like bells ringing. B minor is the key, and this portion of Mr. Mahan’s suite requires a left hand capable of a rolling 16th note accompaniment. The ending is on a peaceful D major chord. There are some repeated notes in this collection, see the example by clicking on the title. These pieces may be ideal for the double-strung harp! LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.

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Nights of the Fiesta, The Sunken Garden, The Old Mission

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