The Best of Bill Mahan is a project to identify from each of Bill’s 21 books the pieces that are most beloved. These selections will be made into a collection called, “The Best of Bill Mahan” and will be edited for piano (separate book) and possibly re-edited for harp. We have sent out an email and announced it on our FB page.  Thus far the selections for the “Best of” book are:

“Tuscan Gold” from “Colors of Italy” – Stephanie Jankowski
Moon and Memories #1 from Moon and Memories
Spring Prelude from All of the Seasons of Spring (Janelle Ho)
Windows of Paris: Stephanie Sussmeier, Anna Jenkins and Miranda Lee
Long Ago – Kathleen Fleckenstein
Warm Sienna – Anna Jenkins

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On the “to-do” list is to identify which current collections need recordings made.  In the early years of his composing, Mahan provided electronically generated sound files of his music. These were put on CDs and the package sold as “BCD” or Book CD Combos meant for practice purposes only. At some point, Mary (Radspinner) began editing Bill’s music and making a few tweaks here and there for ease of playing. The list is below with editorial notes.

All of the Seasons of Spring – Computer generated CD. Music notation needs a facelift. Some incorrect aracrusis.  Titles: Spring Prelude, Janelle’s choice to edit and record | Just One Kiss of Spring | March Clouds | Rain | An April Lullaby | Good Morning to May | Here’s to June | Spring Nocturne

Moon and Memories – recording “on piano” has been completed by Mary. Titles are: Moon and Memories | Tete a Tete | Moonstone Beach | The Tender Hills | I’ll Remember You | Where Are you Now? | Fiesta Moon | Long Ago

California Gold has no recordings

Canyonsong is recorded on piano by MR

Colors of Italy – has been recorded on harp by Mary

Dreams of Ireland – has a recording, not sure if it is harp or computer generated

French Impressions – has a CD – likely computer generated

Harps and Friends – has a CD, likely computer generated

Iowa Winter – has a CD, likely computer generated

Iowa Rivers Suite – computer generated CD

Monarchs of Music – CD is played on harp by MR

Monet’s Garden – CD is performed on harp by MR

Paris Once Again – CD is performed on harp by MR

Remembering Home – no CD available

Sketches of Spain – CD available likely computer generated

The Bridges of Paris – no CD

The Harp Constellation – CD  likely computer generated

The Harpers Coloring Book – no CD available

Montecito Suite – computer generated

Santa Barbara Suite – computer generated

The Frog and the Leprechaun – CD performed on harp by Tina Tourin

Contributions to the project are gladly accepted.  Recordings are graciously accepted on piano or harp, and notation suggestions/edits are also welcome.  Credit will be given to participants in this project.