Harp in Worship Handout

We recently participated in the Harp In Worship Conference held in Ft. Worth, TX this past June 2023.  Mary gave a workshop on coordinating players of all levels into ensembles. An afterthought was an addendum to the handout which included Afghan Press publications that are great for small ensembles of all levels.  The contents of that handout are listed below, or you can download the PDF by clicking on the word “addendum” above which is a hotlink.

Addendum to Ensemble Playing Workshop HIW June 2023 Ft. Worth, TX (Mary Radspinner)
Recommended Collections

PN stands for Part Number – this is the PN that is on our website, www.FolkHarp.com. In general, if you know the PN, typing it into the search bar will yield immediate results. Sometimes PN is referred to as SKU. These PN are soley used on the following websites: www.AfghanPressMusic.com and www.FolkHarp.com. Most store carrying our music use “their own” system of title identification, so you likely will not need these PN on other websites. All music below available both digital and paper.

The following music is sold at many harp stores throughout the world.

Holy Gathering – Anna Thormahlen Jenkins
PN – 90223 (paper) 90223E (digital) $20
Ensemble arrangements of six specifically chosen titles. Ensemble instruments include handbells, flute, clarinet, violin, triangle, guitar, voice, cello). Chords are included, indicated below. Much work has gone into the editing and notation of this work, which will be beneficial to any group of versatile musicians, amateur or professional, for a beautiful performance experience.
Table of Contents:
Peace, I Ask of Thee, O River | SCORE (has chords)
PARTS (Handbells, Flute, Harp, Voice)
Breathe On Me, Breath of God | SCORE (*Two options for trio)
PARTS (Flute*, Clarinet*, Harp, Cello)
Simple Gifts | SCORE (*Three options for trio)
PARTS (Triangle, Harp, Alto Flute*, Clarinet*, Violin*, Cello)
We Shall Overcome | SCORE (has chords)
PARTS (Voice, Harp, Flute)
It Is Well With My Soul | SCORE (has chords)
PARTS (Harp, Handbells)
Holy Gathering | SCORE (Holy, Holy, Holy/Shall We Gather at the River)
PARTS (Flute, Alto Voice & Harp, Baritone Voice & Guitar)

Enchanted Village – Anna Thormahlen Jenkins ( original music)
PN – 90221 (paper) (90221E) digital
TOC not listed, please see website: https://folkharp.com/product/the-enchanted-village-ensemble-book/

Prelude for Peace Anna Thormahlen Jenkins and Sharon Thormahlen
PN – 90196 (paper) 90196E (digital)
A meaningful ensemble written in the style of a passacaglia, which means the bass line repeats over and over, with variations above in one or many voices.  In this case, there are parts for handbells, vocals, flute, clarinet, violin, viola, and harp which play over the cello ostinato (repeated pattern).  The words are very few and are symbolic of world peace and love.  The book contains the full score and parts for all instruments listed above, and additionally triangle, and the viola and clarinet parts transposed for C instrument.  Not difficult at all, this would be appropriate for any choir, but most especially a combination of adult and children’s choirs with multi-instrumentalists.  The story behind the writing is told in the introduction, and is really nice. Co-written by Sharon Thormahlen and Anna Thormahlen Jenkins.  A lovely dual effort; much needed and appreciated. INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS – filmed by Thom Dutton on harp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GmN1yoR6Ng

FYI also filmed by Thom Dutton: Hymn to Hope – Rolf Loveland arr. M Radspinner (harp solo)
Thom Dutton, harp https://www.facebook.com/thom.dutton.5/posts/pfbid0eQr7UH8zSGuknkW4qgejFuJpaov9vJzB1znj9qMaiVKnrCBTFCjY1aK2VuNCPsxJl?__cft__[0]=AZVHdl-fy3F5BlgThjHpaqTrTd-B8aHhvlXteZE_T4j-BFYT8KXzTxrS83iMrkXS-2gmYapCbjDWRUTgNsvFo-s5HY5gGI_o1MpjJrjO0S4Jsd51S_RIcB9VZH1K3ZU0Swk&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Thanks Thom!
Trios V1 – Reba Lunsford
PN – 9078B (paper) 9078BE (digital)
INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS + ENSEMBLE Suitable for church, recital, or receptions, these beautiful and familiar tunes lend themselves well to the pleasing combination of instruments selected. Optional handbell parts for Amazing Grace and Morning Has Broken.
Suitable for church, recital, or receptions, these beautiful and familiar tunes lend themselves well to the pleasing combination of instruments selected. There are no tricky rhythms or techniques, so busy musicians can work them up with little preparation. The harp part, which is also suitable for piano, is found in two formats: medium difficulty level for full range lever or pedal harp and easy or lap harp. The lap harp parts are suitable for 22-string instruments ranging from G-G. The flute and hammered dulcimer parts are also suitable for other concert pitch C instruments or beginner harp for duet format, so don’t limit your possibilities.
A customer asked Reba how she could utilize this book, and here is Reba’s reply:  You could have someone play full harp part, another play small harp part, and have someone play hammered dulcimer part if that person doesn’t mind playing a single line. I’d do it in a heartbeat because it’s EASY! Or you could split the full harp part into two (one on bass, one on treble) and someone else play hammered dulcimer (that’s where most of melody is). Hammered dulcimer is C instrument so that part can also be played by flute, violin, or any other C pitch instrument. You could also have someone full harp, and two others play hammered dulcimer and flute parts. Options are multiple here. Just needs to be tailored to playing levels and egos.  Hope you have fun with it.
Table of Contents:
This Is My Father’s World, Amazing Grace/Inisheer, Morning Has Broken.

Trios V2 – Reba Lunsford
PN – 9079B (paper) 9079BE (digital)
Table of Contents:
Manx Lullaby, Simple Gifts, There is a Balm in Gilead
Description same as above

Fairy Reel – Reba Lunsford
PN – 9074B (paper) 9074BE (digital)
Lovely traditional folk song and hymn arrangements, paired with original compositions for harp. Most songs are advanced beginner to intermediate level. Some tunes have flute and/or mountain dulcimer accompaniment included in separate scores. Lyrics for selected songs are included. Accidentals, harmonics, left hand crossovers can be found in a few pieces. The included version of Brigid Cruse helped Reba win the advanced division of the 1999 Gulf Coast Harpers Celtic Contest. ADVANCED BEGINNER TO UPPER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.
Table of Contents:
Cantiga 100, Sweet Hour of Prayer, There is a Fountain, Be Thou My Vision, David’s Lullaby, One Sunny Saturday, The Honey Hole, Liberty, Salley Gardens, St. Gwendolyn’s Blessing, The Merry Blacksmith, Hear Our Prayer, O God, Inisheer, Hide-n-Seek, Hay and Stubble, Brigid Cruse, The Fairy Reel, Shall We Gather at the River?, Si Bheag, Si Mhor, The Secret Path.

My Holy Week Book – M Radspinner
PN – 93020 (paper) 93020E (digital)
Fourteen interesting and accessible hymn tunes (six with flute/harmony parts) for lever or pedal harp. Tunes are in the keys of A, D, G, C and F, with less than a handful of lever changes. Harmony parts sound great on the violin, too! INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.
Table of Contents:
Morning Has Broken (with flute part), Lovely Love, Were You There? (with flute part), St. Columba, Be Thou My Vision (with flute part), Oh the Beautiful Treasures, There Is A Balm in Gilead, Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed (with flute part), All Glory Praise and Honor, O Sacred Head (with flute part), Sharpthorne (with flute part), When Jesus Wept, By the Cross, Ye Banks and Ye Braes

Saint Brigid’s Flame – M Radspinner
PN – 93000BCDE (digital book + MP3) 93000 (paper book) 93000E (digital book)
Concert arrangements of music performed by Saint Brigid’s Flame as on the CD of the same title. Saint Brigid’s Flame is Mary Radspinner on harp, Constance Braden on winds and Elizabeth Jeter on hammered dulcimer. The arrangements are well thought out, tried and true performance material, with interesting harmonies, countermelodies and rhythms. They can be played on harp or piano, with 2 C instruments. Many of the flute parts were written by Constance Braden. The hammered dulcimer generally plays the melody, the harp plays accompaniment and melody, the flute plays melody and countermelody. Because the music is so diverse in both style and type, the harp parts ranges from easy to intermediate. 118 pages.
Table of Contents:
She is Like the Swallow, Parting Glass, Captain O’Kane, Kingsfold, Little Pet, Calliope House, Lament for MacGregor of Ruaro, I Love Mother, Beautiful Treasures, Butterfly, Rights of Man, Morrisons, When Jesus Wept, Wondrous Love, Sally Gardens, Munster Buttermilk, Blarney Pilgrim, Kesh Jig, Dalesman’s Litany, Chanter, Love Love Love, Mother’s Love, Lovely Love, I Will Bow, Southwind, Ashgrove, Marble Halls, Down the Brae, Boys of Ballysodare, The Keel Row, Inisheer, Simple Gifts, Shaker March #59, Come Shaker Life, Funeral Hymn, Flowers of Edinburgh, Knocknabower Polka and The Shan Van Vocht. 

Simple Pleasures with Friends V 1 and 2 – Evelyn Tiffany Castiglioni

Evelyn Tiffany Castiglioni was a friend, college professor (dean of the veterinary school at A&M), pianist, vocalist, harpist, and an exceptional mandolinist. Evelyn composed 4 concert pieces for mandolin ensemble They have been performed by the Marilynn Mair’s ensemble Enigmatica, the Austin Mandolin Orchestra, the Tahlequah Mandophonics (Tahlequah, Oklahoma), the New York Mandolin Orchestra, and l’Esperance Mandolin Ensemble (Providence, RI). Evelyn had a knack for writing 3-part music that is easy enough to sight read and playable by myriad instruments mix and match. Guests would sit in her living room with their instruments, and Evelyn would hand out music. If there was a need for a transposed part (example: if a clarinetist showed up), Evelyn would open her laptop, find the file and transpose it on the spot, then print it and voila! – the clarinetist had their very own part immediately. These soirees were fun and there was always good food and good conversation. I (Mary) used to play bass mandolin and just follow the chords. Oh – I failed to mention that Evelyn’s main instrument was accordion, and she was fantastic.

Volume 1
PN – 90880 (paper) 90880E (digital)
This collection will benefit all of you who have called wanting ensemble music for a unique group of instrumentation.  Here are a few examples of how this music can work – the possibilities really are almost endless:
If your musical family consists of  a harp player, viola player, clarinet player, flute player, guitar and accordion player – Simple Pleasures will work for you! If your church ensemble consists of 3 flutes, 1 harp, a clarinet, 2 guitars and a cello, this will work for you! If your community ensemble consists of 2 flutes, 2 violins, 4 clarinets, 1 viola, 2 Bb saxophones, a cello, a tuba, and a harp player, this music will work for you.
The “Simple Pleasures with Friends” series gives the beginning harp player or any harpist short of time fine tunes in easily accessible settings.  The harp parts are technically accessible yet full-sounding.  Each one-page, musically satisfying harp arrangement can be played as a solo or mixed and matched with the three treble/cello/viola parts (melody, descant, and harmony). The same arrangement is also given one step higher (useful for Bb clarinet).  Guitar chords are included, as well as harp fingerings and placing brackets.
Each title has 8 handout pages.  Each handout page can stand alone as a trio, or mix and match with the other 7 handouts.  The pages are not bound in any way, so that you can arrange them the best way for your group: 3-ring, comb binding, folders; whatever works best for you.
Volume 2
PN – 90882 (paper) 90882E (digital) https://folkharp.com/product/simple-pleasures-with-friends-v2/
Go to Amazon.com and type in EVELYN CASTIGLIONI and all her mandolin books will display. These books can be use for myriad ensemble combinations including harp.