Four Polish Carols


INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS   Four beautiful and extremely well-arranged carols.

Polish melodies have a simplistic beauty about them and they are cherised throughout the world by those of Polish descent and those who appreciate a grand melody. This collection includes history of the tunes. The arrangements are very well done using Sibelius software. There is a nice give and take in the LH among different styles of accompaniment. Some brackets and helpful fingerings are included, but really this music is so well arranged that extra editing is not necessary.

Lulajże Jezuniu (Lulla-a-bye Little Jesus )

Pójdźmy Wszyscy do Stajenki (Let’s All Go to the Stable)

Wśród Nocnej Ciszy (In the Silence of the Night)

Jezus Malusieńki (Jesus Tiny One)

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