Great Ocean by Diana Stork

Great Ocean

These 3 pieces are inspired by Buddhist philosophy. Buddhism is not a religion in the Western sense, but a philosophy with teachings and practices to help develop inner peace and equanimity. Buddhism has been around for thousands of years and takes many forms. Tibet has developed its own unique form of Buddhism – exemplified by many living teachers – most notably the 14th Dalai Lama (now living in Dharamsala, India). Diana has followed and practiced this form of Tibetan Buddhism for most of her life and has written many pieces inspired by its teachings and practices. These pieces stand on their own as pieces of meditative music without having to know anything about Buddhism. Hopefully though, in their playing, one can find some of the qualities Buddhism hopes to inspire – some inner peace and calm.

Great Ocean has three sharps with an interesting single staff section and in a meter of 3.  Tara has one flat, has continuous arpeggios and has a 7/8 introduction which then changes to 6/8.  As Long is for one or two voices and harp, and is based on the famous chant: Om Mani Padme Hum  (read more HERE)

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Great Ocean Cover
Great Ocean Buddhist Music for Harp
Great Ocean Buddhist Music for Harp