The Faces of Melody’s Part 1

The Faces of "The Harp Store" Part 1

Texas is fortunate to have John Gill, master woodworker and certified Dusty Strings and Triplett repairman. John also does full string changes, and some pedal harp work such as replacing felts, fixing broken rods, discs and other minor-ish repairs between visits by Peter Wiley.  One of John’s areas of expertise is fixing split pillars.  It seems to be a common accident with Dusty Strings harps and Triplett Harps. It is alarming to see, but after John puts the pieces back together again, one can hardly tell  the harp was dropped, if at all.

On occasion he’ll make a “house” call (or a school call). This is usually for a string change or to fix a buzz.

He also installs mics into the soundbox. Usually these are the Fishman or the Dusty Strings brand.

John also does all the printing and binding for Afghan Press Music for the Harp. More on this in “The Faces of The Harp Store Part 2.

When you call Melody’s, John is the one to answer the phone.