Beneath the Cross of Jesus


PEDAL HARP UPPER INTERMEDIATE – full lush chords and arpeggios.  This well-known old hymn has been transcribed from Louise’s recording by Basil Alter, and edited by Gretchen Chell Cover.

Lush chords and large arpeggios articulate this beautiful melody. Louise made a recording years ago called “Sacred Treasures”.  She improvised the music and played each piece through just once in the recording studio.  Many times she was asked to write down her arrangements, but she preferred improvising.  They were a challenge to both transcribe and arrange.  Liberties were taken to change a few things around from the recording, considering she only played through each piece one time, and knowing she would have done it differently had she had more time in the studio.

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × .125 in


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