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Celtic Trios V 2 Flute/Cello


INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS + FLUTE & CELLO    There is a nice play among the instruments, and the repertoire is great for background music.

The titles in this collection are:  March Madness, Dunfermline, Pink Peonies, Skye Boat Song and Tell Me Why.  March Madness is in 7/8.  It’s not hard, but you have to count it.  It’s really very clever – if you’re going to sight read this one, please make sure all of your musicians are expert counters.  Fortunately we were playing this through in the shop and were almost on the floor laughing because apparently we are all 7/8 challenged here. Dunfermline and Pink Peonies are lovely originals, Tell Me Why is a parlor type folk song reminiscent of Stephen Foster. Melodies.  The Skye Boat Song arrangement has nice play among the instruments.  The cello certainly adds so much to these arrangements.  The instruments go back and forth with melody and harmony.

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