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Cornish Traditional Tunes (Duo)


ALL HARPS + FLUTE/VIOLIN, INTERMEDIATE.  Fifteen folk songs from Cornwall and Devon arranged by Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher for lever (as small as 26 strings) or pedal harp with flute or violin.  Currently only the Digital Version is available.

From the arranger:

“These tunes have been placed in progressive key order to create a satisfying ‘Cornish suite’ that facilitates lever and pedal changes.  All tunes were typeset to fix exactly on two facing pages to eliminate any page turns within a piece.

“Guitar chords are included so that the melody may be played by any C instrument, accompanied by chords on harp, lute, guitar, or keyboard.  Also, the transcribed harp part can be played on any keyboard instrument with only minor adjustments. Only one song in this collection, #6, has any lever or pedal changes (B-flat and B-natural).  Otherwise, there are only lever or pedal presets in preparation for the next song.

“Dynamic markings, fingerings, metronome markings, breath marks, and lever/pedal changes are provided throughout.  However, the musicians should use whichever expressive markings and lever/pedal adjustments suit them, no matter what this book indicates!

“Due to space constraints, first and second endings were only indicated above the flute/violin part in the full score and dynamics only within the harp part; but these markings apply to both instruments. (However, all markings are indicated on the separate instrumental leaflet.)

“This entire book of arrangements can be played on a harp of only 26 strings (3.5 octaves), from low C to high G. Simply treat the C two octaves below middle C as the lowest C on your harp and adjust the octaves accordingly. Ignore any 8va indications and shorten any glissandos.”

This book is currently available only as a PDF digital download.  Vendors wishing to sell this product are welcome to ask us for the PDF.  Included are a harp score and separate instrument part.  ALL HARPS + FLUTE/VIOLIN, INTERMEDIATE.

Table of Contents

  1. Helston Furry Dance
  2. The Cottage Thatched With Straw
  3. The White Cockade
  4. The Lovers’ Tasks
  5. Stranger
  6. Limadie
  7. The Marigold
  8. Lullaby
  9. Willy Coombe
  10. Rouse, Rouse
  11. The Blackbird
  12. Captain Pearse
  13. Come My Lads
  14. On A May Morning So Early
  15. The Siege Of St. Malo
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