Falling Snow


EASY, ALL HARPS    Elegant and flows like silk.

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INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Elegant and flows like silk. Written in the key of G major, this solo contains mostly arpeggios, the type of music perfect for harp. Also a good teaching piece, but sophisticated enough to be included in a professional harpist’s repertoire. No lever changes makes it very playable on a 26-string lever harp.

The composer, whose stage name is Potomac Red, is a singer/songwriter who has released a recording entitled Wonder If They Know. She has also written a musical, a theme song for the National Girl Scouts, and she conducts songwriting workshops. Meg has been commissioned by the American Harp Society to compose ensembles, and has written a commissioned ballet. She has participated in panel discussions on composing for the World Harp Congress.


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