The Complete Ave Maria (Schubert)


ALL HARPS + VOICE, EARLY ADVANCED.  Schubert’s Latin classic arranged by Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher for solo voice and harp accompaniment. A solo harp version is also included.  Please choose either Digital or Physical Version.

From the arranger:

“This publication contains the beloved musical setting of Ave Maria by Franz Schubert.  It has been arranged for all harps and voice (as well as for solo harps), transposed into several different keys, and designed for accompanied or self-accompanied singing.  The traditional keyboard accompaniment has been modified so that it is within the technical capabilities of most harpists and harpers.

“The accompaniment can be played on a very small pedal harp by eliminating the left hand doubled bass octaves.  The lever harp accompaniments were restricted to those keys that lay best in the range of the instrument (assuming an E-flat tuning) and which also provided a high, medium and low voice option.  The greater range and chromatic capability of the pedal harp enabled me to offer six key options that should cover nearly every possible voice type.

“Dynamics and rubato indications have been intentionally minimized so that the harpist is free to follow the expressive nuances of the vocalist.

“The original version is written in 4/4 time; however, I have transcribed it into 12/8 time so that the visual layout on the page is more appealing and easier to read.  In order to eliminate any awkward page turns, a slightly smaller staff size was used on the vocal arrangements.  I have attempted to approximate the original rhythmic contours of the voice part within the confines of 12/8 time.  Feel free to make rhythmic adjustments as desired.

“The Latin text version of the Roman Catholic prayer ‘Hail Mary, full of grace’ is placed under the melody line.  I have also offered a singable English version that attempts to capture the spirit of the original text within the syllabic contour implied by the melody.”

Schubert’s Latin classic arranged for solo voice and pedal or lever harp accompaniment in six keys, voice and lever harp in three keys, and two solo harp versions in C major — one for pedal harp and one for lever harp.  Keys are:  C, Bb, Ab, G, F, and Eb.  ALL HARPS + VOICE, EARLY ADVANCED.

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