The Royale Harpist


INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  Contains Medieval and Renaissance Airs, Songs and Dances. The left hand uses open harmonies and single notes. Revised 2015

Revised 2015.  Table of Contents:


Alle, psallite, Alleluya    Anonymous (England, 13th c.)

Cuncti simus    Libre Vermell (Spain, 14th c.)

Dansse Real    Anonymous (France, 13th c.)

Edi be thu, Heven-Queene    Anonymous (England, 13th c.)

Kalenda Maya    Raimbaut de Vaqueiras (France, 12th c.)

Non sofre – CSM #159    Cantigas de Santa Maria (Spain, 13th c.)

Ondas do mar de Vigo – Martin Codax (Spain, 13th c.)

Ondas do mar de Vigo – Estampie – Therese Honey

Salterello – Anonymouns (Italy, 14th c.)

Santa Maria amar CMS #7 – Cantigas de Santa Maria (Spain, 13th c.)

Santa Maria, strella do dia CMS #100 – Cantigas de Santa Maria (Spain, 13th c.)

Stella splendens – Libre Vermell (Spain, 14th c.)


Branle de Cheveaux    Thoinot Arbeau (France, 1589)

Branle d’Escosse    Thoinot Arbeau (France, 1589)

Branle de la Torche    Michael Praetorius (Germany, 1612)

Complaint    John Dowland (England, 16th c.)

Jhon Come Kisse Me Noue    Anon. (Scotland, 17th c.)

Joy to the Personne of My Love    Skene Manuscript (Scotland, 17th c.)

Ladie Laiton’s Alman    John Dowland (England, 16th c.)

L’espagnoletta    Francisque Caroubel (France, 16th c.)

Nonesuch    Playford Collection (England, 17th c.)

Mr. Dowland’s Midnight    John Dowland (England, 16th c.)

Round Battle Galliard    John Dowland (England, 16th c.)

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