The Welsh Bard (Solo)


ALL HARPS SOLO, INTERMEDIATE.  Twenty elegant arrangements of Welsh Airs arranged by Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher for solo lever or pedal harp, based on collected tunes of Nicholas Bennett. Easy to minimal lever changes.  Please choose either Digital or Physical Version.

From the arranger:

“The 20 Welsh airs in this publication have been taken from the 1896 two-volume collection of Nicholas Bennett of Glanyrafon titled The Lays of My Land.  Many of the airs in Bennett’s collections are not suitable for lever harp, so I selected twenty lever-friendly melodies for this volume of Welsh tunes.

“These airs have been placed in progressive key order to create a satisfying ‘Welsh suite’ that facilitates lever and pedal changes.  Lever changes are indicated between the staves and pedal changes beneath the bass staff.  If the 8va options are ignored, this entire book can be played on a harp of only 26 strings (3.5 octaves), range of low C to high G.  Guitar chords are included so that the melody may be played by any C instrument, accompanied by chords on harp, lute, guitar or keyboard.  Please consider all fingerings, dynamics, tempo markings, and repeats to be “suggestions” and use whichever ones best facilitate performance.

“Note: The abbreviation ‘bdlc’ used in this book refers to ‘bas dans les cordes’ which means to play lower on the strings, but not as low as ‘pdlt’ – près de la table. Using the bdlc technique gives slightly more penetration to the sound and emphasizes the melody in the left hand.”

Written in the keys of Bb, F, C, G in a progressive key order to facilitate lever and pedal changes.  ALL HARPS, INTERMEDIATE.

Table of Contents

  1. Difyrwch Gwyr Dolgellau (The Delight of the Men of Dolgelley)
  2. Ond Pan Aethum Gynta I Garu (My First Courtship)
  3. Iarll Moira (The Earl of Moira)
  4. Caru Yn Y Coed (Courting in the Wood)
  5. Y Crwth Halen (The Salt Box)
  6. Fy Ngwely Plu (My Feather Bed)
  7. Mael Y Gôf Dû (The Blacksmith’s Prayer)
  8. Bryniau’r Werddon (The Hills of Ireland)
  9. Dacw Nghariad (Yonder Is My Sweetheart)
  10. Hir Oes I Fair (Long Life to Mary)
  11. Marged Fwyn Uch Ifan (Gentle Margaret the Daughter of Evan)
  12. Y Wenynen (The Bee)
  13. Fy Noli (My Dolly)
  14. Y Twyn Eithin (The Gorse Bush)
  15. Consêt Griffith Rowland Y Crythor (Griffith Rowland the Crowder’s Fancy)
  16. Rhuban Fy Morfudd (My Morfudd’s Ribbon)
  17. Nos Fawrth (Tuesday Night)
  18. A Ei Di’r Deryn Du (Blackbird, Wilt Thou Go?)
  19. Glandyfi (Glandovey)
  20. Mwynen Merthyr (The Gentle Lass of Merthyr)
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