28 Tunes from “Dancing Master”


INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED, ALL HARPS. 28 Dance tunes from the Playford Collection with detailed fingerings and editing.  Easy to read, excellent arrangements by Dewey Owens!

The Dancing Master is a vast collection of English country dances together with dance tunes for their accompaniment “to be played on the Treble Violl or Violin.” Mr. Owens has chosen 28 of the most charming and delightful of these tunes and grouped them according to key: G major (E-minor), C major (A-minor), F major (D-minor), and B-flat major (G-minor). Fingerings are given throughout. Lever changes are clearly indicated and the advanced lever harp player should have no difficulty in their execution. Pedal harpists will find complete pedal markings.


The Coronation Day | Amaryllis | English Pasby | The Happy Clown | Hole in the Wall | Never Love Thee More

A Trip to the Boar | Cottey House | Poor Robin’s Caprice | The British Toper | Spanish Gipsie

The Hare’s Caprice | Greensleeves and Yellow Lace | The Maiden’s Blush | The Constant Lover

Little Young Chickens | Manage the Miser | The Phenix | The Highlander’s Wedding

Old Noll’s Jig | The Siege of Limerick | Sylvia’s Serenade | The Tuneful Nightingale

Fly Boat | Mr. Beveridge’s Caprice | ‘Twas Within a Furlong of Edinboro’ Town | Portabella | The Rover Reformed

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