Puerto Rican Sketches


INTERMEDIATE TO LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Four original descriptive pieces, each two pages long. Lovely pieces for learning or easy background music.  Comes with CD.  (The download version comes with links to sound files)

Six minute CD recording of entire suite included with this booklet of four descriptive pieces,  each two pages long. “Old San Juan”, in  minor key with romantic  Spanish feel.   “The Beach (La Playa]”,  has soft glisses, rolled chords and playful melody. “The Rainforest (El Yunque] has harmonics and contemplative melody , and “Fiesta!”, in 6/8 rhythm  suggesting whirling, foot-stamping  Flamenco Dancers.

The 6 minute CD  recording contains the music and forest sounds of the distinctive local coqui tree frog.  Booklet contains 2 pages of recent photos of Old San Juan,  one of the beaches, and the rainforest.  One page of descriptive text to use when performing, either on program notes or verbally. Some chord symbols. Includes glissandos, harmonics, easy arpeggios. INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.

Weight .19 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × .25 in