The Enchanted Sea (Harp Duo)


ALL HARPS INTERMEDIATE – DUOS (Part ONE is Easy).  A wonderful collection of songs to be played as teacher/student duets.  Very creative – beautiful, romantic, new agey, a little jazzy and more. Interesting titles reflect folklore: Water Faeries, Selkie Dance, Kraken, Mami Wata, Merrymaids.

Castles in the Sand , Encantado, Kraken, Mami Wata, Merrymaids, Phantom Ship, Sea Horses, Selkie Dance, Water Faeries, The Wave’s Lullaby. Giant sea monsters, mermaids, partying dolphins. Wonderful music for all ages.   Harp 2 is the more difficult part.  Harp 1 is presented both in the grand staff, and in a single staff for melody instruments.  It is your choice who wants to play harp 1 -could be harp or could be melody instrument. The print book comes with a pull-out part for harp 1.  Both sections are spiral bound.

Weight .61 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × .3 in