The Harpers Coloring Book


ALL HARPS BEGINNER – Eight easy and delightful songs with pictures for the young and young at heart.

This book contains 8 songs that have been edited and made very playable for beginners.  There are techniques that will be useful to the beginner harpist. The titles are:

March of the Leprechauns: generally single notes, the LH plays either one note or a 2-note chord.  Key of G mixolydian.

Cabrillo’s Dream has a Latin feel, key of E minor. Generally one note at a time, not many big chords.  LH reaches a low note every other measure.

Don Quixote: Single note RH, LH provides rhythm, harmony and some chords. Key of A minor.

The Dove: key of C and a good exercise in triads, 1st and 2nd inversion chords.

Geisha: running eighth notes that switch off between RH and LH. C pentatonic scale.

Harlequin Harper: key of G, very easy, single notes, one hand at a time.

The Flowered Kimono: Key of C, easy with a more active LH than some of the other songs.  LH often plays a 2-note chord.

Pinata Party: key of C, catchy little melody. LH helps out with the melody.

Bill Mahan, an architect by trade, is a painter and jewelry maker as well as a composer.

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