Five Diatonic Pieces


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Here are four preludes and a bagatelle for pedal or lever harp without accidentals. Prelude #1, goes to the low C, lyrical andante with many triplets, key of C, 2 pages. Prelude #2 in C in 12/8 marked allegretto leggiero, 3 pages and moves along with lowest note low A. Bagatelle #2 (alla marcia) marked allegro in G and 3 pages, can be played on a harp with low G. Prelude #3 in ¾ marked adagio non troppo. Similar to Satie Gymnopodies, has preset F and G sharps, 2 pages with low E and one measure with 2 against 3. Prelude #4 marked allegro moderato in 4/4, 3 pages in C playable on 26- string harp. A nice collection and great addition to harp repertoire. INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS

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