Manx Traditional Tunes (Duo)


ALL HARPS + FLUTE/VIOLIN, INTERMEDIATE.  Fifteen arrangements of tunes from the Isle of Man by Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher for lever or pedal harp with flute or violin.  Guitar chords included.  Please choose either Digital or Physical Version.

From the arranger:

“These tunes have been placed in progressive key order to create a satisfying ‘Manx suite’ that facilitates lever and pedal changes. This order also facilitates playing a few tunes in succession as a ‘Manx medley.’  All tunes were typeset to fit exactly on two facing pages to eliminate any page turns within a piece.

“There are no lever or pedal changes required within each tune, only some lever or pedal presets in preparation for the next song.  Guitar chords are included so that the melody may be played by any C instrument, accompanied by chords on harp, lute, guitar, or keyboard.  Also, the transcribed harp part can be played on any keyboard instrument with only minor adjustments.

“Due to space constraints, first and second endings were only indicated above the flute/violin part in the full score and dynamics only within the harp part; but these markings apply to both instruments.  (However, all markings are indicated on the separate instrumental leaflet.)

“Dynamics, fingering, and metronome markings are provided throughout as an aid to performance.  However, the harper should use whatever dynamics, fingerings, and tempos suit them, no matter what this book indicates!

“Note: The abbreviation ‘bdlc’ used in this book refers to ‘bas dans les cordes’ which means to play lower on the strings, but not as low as ‘pdlt’ – près de la table – for more penetration of the lefthand melody. Also, the harp part of this entire book can be played on a harp of only 26 strings (3.5 octaves) from low C to high G.”

Included are the harp score and a separate instrument part.  ALL HARPS + FLUTE/VIOLIN, INTERMEDIATE.

Table of Contents

  1. Arrane Manannán (Manannan Song)
  2. Caillin Veg Dhone (Little Brown Girl)
  3. Churnal Jiu As Churnal Jea (Churning Song)
  4. Arrane Queeyl Nieuee (Spinning Wheel Song)
  5. Arrane Ghelbee (Song of the Water Kelpie)
  6. Creg Willy Syl (Creg Willey’s Hill)
  7. Ushag Veg Ruy (Little Red Bird)
  8. Kerthdon Hes (Snail Creep)
  9. Yn Mheillea (The Harvest)
  10. Geay Jeh’n Aer (Sea Invocation or Wind of the Air)
  11. Arrane Ben-Vlieaun (Song of the Milkmaid)
  12. Manannán Beg Mac Y Leir (Little Mannan, Son of the Sea)
  13. O Mo Ghràidh (Oh My Love)
  14. Illiam Boght (Poor William)
  15. Yernagh Keoie (The Wild Irishman)
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