Saxtons River Suite


INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.   A delightful impressionistic style work!  Four elegant, almost moody pieces depicting the seasons in Vermont.

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Four elegant, almos tmoody pieces depicting the seasons in Vermont, as experienced by Carol Wood, author of “The Chaucer Songbook” and “A Gathering of Friends.” Rather than having a lyric and solid melody, these pieces paint images. Summer, Sunlight on the River is the first piece. It hovers around the key of G and has a rolling left hand that will take some work (lots of crossing over and under). Right hand is sparse and is mainly supportive of the left hand. This movement ends with a shimmery slow bisbigliando. October hovers around D minor, and has harmonics throughout the sparse left hand which consists mostly of half notes. The right hand has a section of parallel thirds that requires good technique. First Snowfall is straightforward, hovers around F, is mostly rolled chords. Spring begins some quick arpeggios followed by sustained notes. It is straightforward and consists mainly of chords thereafter. A delightful impressionistic style work!  INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.

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