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INTERMEDIATE ALL HARPS + FLUTE   A beautiful 5-page duet for harp and flute in the key of C. To play on lever harp there are a few B lever changes, not marked in the score.  Not hard.  This is the PDF download version.  Listen to the sound sample!

A beautiful 5-page duet for pedal harp and flute in the key of C. The time signature is 4/4 with a half note equal 60. The harp part has only a B accidental, and could be adapted for lever harp easily. Extended chords create a lush tapestry of harmony. Sightreadable by the advanced harpist, the intermediate harpist will have to put a few weeks practice into this piece. Technically it is not difficult, but there are a few 5-note passages with 4th finger slides that will need to be smooth. Also, there is a section with a fair amount of crossing under with both hands. The flute part is a rather slow variation on the tune with notes that are in the high register toward the middle of the piece.

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Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × .125 in