Dragonflower Publications by Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher, of Welsh heritage, was initially trained as a classical vocalist and pianist. After moving to Upstate New York, she developed asthma which derailed her singing career. She began harp studies because she “did not need to breathe well to play the instrument,” the instrument is self-contained, the harp has a beautiful sound, and it is a very “Celtic” thing to do. Dragonflower Publications, her company, is Welsh as is the image portrayed on her music. 

Darhon has done presentations at harp conferences, and recently for Melody’s where she outlined her publication process in detail.  Many attendees found this very helpful in keeping organized and focused.

She has innumerous publications of many genres spanning sacred harp/voice to patriotic harp duos.

Darhon has been the webmistress for several Welsh sites, and her own site: Drafonflower Music.

Her music can be found on this site either HERE or by scrolling down.  She has a new book in process, look for it soon!